Terms & Conditions


1. COPYRIGHT:  All artwork (GOODS) sold through this website is the original artwork of Ruth McCabe (ARTIST) and, as such, is protected by copyright worldwide and is made available to the ordering party for its personal use. The ordering party (BUYER) shall not reproduce, make available to the public in whatever form, resell, or distribute such reproduction, whether personally or by third party. The same applies to the contents of this website and its contents.

2. PRIVACY: At the time of purchase, ARTIST and/or its third party service providers will collect BUYER’S billing and shipping information in order to process payment. BUYER’S information will never be made public by the ARTIST nor will ARTIST ever share such information with any third party not directly associated with the sale or shipment of BUYER’S order.

3. PURCHASES: Purchases will be subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable online sales channels which will be presented to BUYER at the time of purchase.

4. COMMISSIONED ARTWORK: If BUYER is purchasing a commissioned piece of artwork, said purchase will be governed by a separate Art Commission Contract drawn up between ARTIST and BUYER prior to commencement of commission.

5. RETURNS: If BUYER has need or want to return purchase in whole or in part after receipt of GOODS, BUYER shall contact us within 14 days of receipt for a return authorization. We will then communicate with BUYER directly as to the return of GOODS and/or any refund that may be due.